Scudo Conversion | Chassis Cab | Fiat Professional

Model overview


    Nine different volume options, for maximum flexibility


    The base for conversion is the long wheelbase chassis cab with platform (3122 mm).

    • Maximum permitted axle load: front 1400 kg, rear 1700 kg
    • Body size limit of 2.10 m, with the special kit:
    • long-arm rear-view mirrors
    • modified headlights with bulbs positioned further to the outside
    • wider bases for side direction indicators
    • ready-made attachment points on the cab, floor and wheel arches, for easier and quicker assembly
    • The Body Fitter's Technical Box is a control unit that offers an interface with the CAN line and provides the information and switched power outputs necessary for the transformation of the bodywork (additional hazard warning lights, load lights, operational generator, etc.).
    Technical data