5 Stelle Professional

    The extended warranty which adds value to your vehicle

    What is it

    The extension of the vehicle's contractual warranty up to 3 or 5 years or up to 160,000 km

    How it works

    The service offers two time options of 3 or 5 years, and three mileage options:

    • 3 years/90,000 km
    • 3 years/120,000 km
    • 3 years/160,000 km
    • 5 years/90,000 km
    • 5 years/120,000 km
    • 5 years/160,000 km

    You can register for the Fiat 5 Stelle service at any Authorised Fiat Professional Dealership or Service Centre within 2 years of your warranty start date and before you reach 60,000 km, on condition that the vehicle has undergone the services set out in the Fiat Owner Handbook.

    The benefits

    Our new free phone number (00800 3428 0000*) gives you access to our dedicated information and customer services facilities, providing you with details of Fiat dealers offering additional services, such as extended workshop hours, Auto Clinic and Approved Bodyshop facilities.

    This number is same throughout Europe, therefore wherever travelling within Europe the customer can use the same number they would use in the UK.

    The messages guiding the customer through the different options of the system have been designed to deliver an efficient journey to the correct place from which to receive an answer to their enquiry.

    Fiat also believe it is important to stay in contact with you and will, subject to your agreement, telephone you from time to time to ensure that you are happy with your Fiat and the service you receive from your dealer.

    * Pan European Freephone number from all UK land lines. A minimum charge applies to calls made from mobiles based on network rates. Should you have any problem contacting the green number from your mobile phone, please dial the local number 0844 209 2583.