Extended warranty

    Up to 200,00 km of peace of mind

    What is it

    The solution which allows you to extend your cover up to 200,000 kilometres or up to 5 years, by adding 3 years of extended warranty to the 2 years of contractual warranty.

    How it works

    Your warranty may be extended to the 3rd, 4th or 5th year.

    For guaranteed roadside assistance, fault repair and replacement with original parts.

    You can register at any Fiat Professional Dealership:

    • within 2 years of your warranty start date
    • before you reach 60,000 km

    as long as your vehicle has undergone the services set out in the Fiat Owner Handbook.

    *Replacements provided are those specific to the mileage option chosen.

    The benefits

    AA Assurance cover is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing the following services:

    Roadside Assistance
    If your van is immobilised at the roadside, the first priority is to get you mobile again, as quickly as possible. In most cases, the problem will be diagnosed and fixed at the roadside. Where this is not possible, you can call upon the additional services of Relay and Relay Plus.

    If your van is immobilised at home, whether due to a flat battery, or something more serious, AA Assurance is ready to respond to your call for assistance.

    Van recovery, with up to seven passengers, and relay to back to the nearest Fiat Dealer or any other single location within the UK.

    Relay Plus
    An extension of Relay, providing a number of options to help you find the most convenient way to continue your journey in the event that your van is temporarily immobilised – options to choose from include either emergency car hire for up to 48 hours, alternative travel arrangements, or overnight accommodation.

    Load Continuation
    Available in conjunction with Relay Plus, allowing the vehicle’s load to be delivered to one UK destination within the UK mainland if the vehicle is immobilised and a local repair cannot be arranged within a reasonable time.

    European Assistance
    Assistance in the Republic of Ireland, Mainland Europe, all islands of the Mediterranean and Turkey *

    Accident Management
    Provides expert assistance with all aspects of claim submission and repair work to get you back on the road again with the minimum of inconvenience.