Commercial Van Conversions

Commercial Vans Business Conversion Program

Every day, thousands of UK businesses go to work in a Fiat. Hardly surprising when you consider our range includes the highly capable Ducato, award-winning Scudo and Fiorino as well as the class leading fuel efficient Doblo Cargo. But now Fiat Professional brings you even more options.

Our Built For Business conversion programme means that when choosing your next business vehicle, you can also choose to get it converted to meet your exact needs before it arrives at your Fiat Professional dealer. So your new Fiat could, in fact, end up being a Luton, Dropside, Tipper or even a Double Cab.

Of course whatever it is it’s still a Fiat, so you can relax knowing it has been built to last and that the chassis is covered by our 3 year Fiatcare warranty.* So before heading off to your next job, why not let us go to work first?

For more information about Fiat Professional conversions, visit your nearest dealer, call 00800 3428 0000** or email your specific query using the link below providing us with your correspondence details.

A new website specifically for converters who use Fiat Professional as their base vehicle is now available at the following address;

This website contains a lot of useful information to help with conversion of our model range; such as technical drawings, photos & a host of other documents that will be accessible once the simple registration process has been completed & having entered a user ID name and password.

Please note that access to the portal is restricted to converter companies and other organisations recognised by Fiat Group Automobiles SpA (Fiat SpA). Accordingly, registrants from organisations or companies not so recognised, may be asked to provide additional information about their organisation. This information will be used solely for the purposes of assessing the registrant's eligibility for membership of the site.

*Any repairs required as the result of faulty materials or manufacture - either for parts or labour are covered up to 120,000 miles from the date of first registration or the expiry of the 3rd year, whichever occurs first. The warranty is provided free of charge and is subject to conditions ( full details are available from your Fiat dealer ).
**Pan-European Freephone number from all UK land lines. A minimum charge applies to calls made from mobiles based on network rates.