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Model overview



    An architecture which combines driveability, robustness and productivity
    The Ducato has always been the favourite conversion vehicle of body fitters and coach builders.

    Its robust structure allows you to load your heavy goods in total safety:

    • a robust mechanical structure
    • a double omega chassis
    • maximum permitted axle loads: up to 2100 kg on the front axle and up to 2400 kg on the rear, segment topping values
    • double leaf spring rear suspension to support any type of conversion.

    Front wheel drive with single wheel rear axle

    • a less complex mechanical structure, without propeller shaft or differential unit 
    • the driveability of a car 
    • reduced tare increases payload 
    • limited fuel consumption thanks to the lower weight and rolling resistance
    • lower tyre costs - only 4 rather than 6 to be replaced
    • wider chassis- for increased stability - with the highest resistance index on the market
    • easy to fit out and adjust the body size
    • Low load threshold

    Offers a range of specific conversion solutions:

    • bodywork socket
    • rear lighting wiring set-up
    • larger alternators
    • larger batteries
    • larger track (1.98 m).


    Integrated radio system 

    Ergonomic design, sophisticated performance 

    The Ducato is equipped with a 30W 4-speaker system, for a high-fidelity audio experience. 

    With CD and MP3 player, RDS system, TA and PTY functions and steering wheel controls, the system may also be connected 

    • to the Blue&Me device with hands-free operation and advanced voice recognition
    • to USB devices connected to the dedicated port in the central storage compartment
    • to an external MP3 player 
    • to the SMS Interpreter device, which automatically reads text messages received by your mobile phone.

    Blue&MeTM-TomTom LIVE 

    The latest generation infotainment system 

    Fully integrated into the vehicle, the system allows you to 

    • make phone calls hands-free using a Bluetooth phone
    • listen to music from your MP3 player
    • use a series of voice commands, for even safer driving
    • manage your mobile phone, satellite navigation system, media player and the information supplied by theon-board electronic systems via a practical colour touch screen.

    The device also comes with a free one-year subscription to TomTom's LIVE services, which include HDTraffic, the best traffic information system on the market, updated in real time.

    For more information click here (link to Blue&MeTM site)

    eco:Drive Professional 

    The exclusive software which allows you to manage your vehicle more efficiently

    To ensure you use your Ducato to its full potential and save up to 15% on fuel costs.

    • Eco:Drive analyses your vehicle trip data - average fuel consumption, total distance covered, the impact of the load on the vehicle's efficiency, use of the pedals, etc. - and suggests ways to make your driving style more economical and sustainable.
    • The data collected on board can be grouped and processed by means of the eco:Drive Fleet web platform, designed to manage company fleets and improve their efficiency.
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