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Model overview


    Power, economy, driveability

    Euro 5 engines

    More cost-effective, more eco-friendly, better performance

    The Ducato is standard with 130 HP power engine.

    MultiJet II

    This is the new generation of MultiJet engines: an innovative fuel feed system with faster injectors capable of multiple injections in rapid sequence – up to 8 per cycle - optimising combustion for

    • increased power with polluting emissions reduced to a minimum
    • lower noise levels. 

    This engine is also lighter, with optimised capacity, thanks to:

    • simpler construction
    • optimised components.

    Traction Plus

    Driveability and safety, even on rough terrain

    An electronic smart differential system:

    • for starting on slippery surfaces, mud, sand or snow, the system removes torque from a slipping drive wheel and transfers it to the wheel with the best grip, restabilising the vehicle's traction
    • no extra vehicle weight


    Low consumption and reduced running costs


    The lowest consumption in its class 

    • Just 6.8 l/100 Km with the 115 MultiJet Euro 5 (short wheelbase standard roof van in the combined cycle), for record savings
    • -15% consumption in the urban cycle with Start&Stop
    • service intervals of up to 48,000km with the MultiJet II Euro 5 engines
    • Cx – air penetration coefficient – of 0.31, one of the best in its category for improved performance and reduced consumption.


    The device which automatically shuts off the engine whenever the vehicle is held up in traffic, when the gearbox is placed in neutral.

    All the functions which guarantee comfort and safety on board the vehicle remain active (climate control, radio, windscreen wipers). Available on the MultiJet 130 and 150 HP engines.

    Gearshift Indicator

    Suggests when to change gear for optimum use of the engine, ensuring immediate savings in terms of cost. Works in conjunction with Start&Stop technology.

    Maintenance costs

    Less risk of damage means more time and money saved 

    The Ducato has been designed to minimise the risk of damage and to increase your productivity.

    • High light clusters: their raised position protects them from damage in the case of accidental impact
    • A three-part bumper: the individual sections can be easily replaced in the case of any damage, with lower repair costs compared to a one-piece bumper.
    Technical data

      130 MultiJet Euro 4

      Flexibility, easy driving and optimum acceleration, even with heavy loads: the ideal engine for mixed use in all circumstances.

      Displacement: 2287 cc 

      Max. power: 130 HP/96 kW at 3600 rpm

      Max torque: 320 Nm at 1800 rpm 

      • Electronically controlled Common Rail MultiJet II direct injection with turbo and intercooler. 
      • Pistons with cooling channel for higher torque levels.
      • Available with Start&Stop system on request.
      • Lower running costs, excellent performance and productivity
      • Low emissions: system with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve and DC Motor for partial recirculation of exhaust gases.
      • 6-speed manual gearbox.

      Maximum speed: 145-155 km/h (depending on version)

      NEDC consumption: 7.1 - 7.4 l/100km (depending on model and version)

      CO2 emissions: 186-195 g/km (depending on model and version)