Ducato Passenger Transport | Minibus | Fiat Professional

Model overview



    The perfect solution for easier access on-board
    For optimum accommodation of your passengers, the sliding side door 
    • integrates perfectly into the side of the vehicle
    • thanks to the steel slide rail and the vertical handle, is it especially easy to manoeuvre
    • and the pull-out access step makes it even easier for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle.

    The load compartment is also easily accessible thanks to the rear swing door which can be opened to 90°, 180° or, on request, 270°, for comfortable loading and unloading of goods and luggage, even in very confined spaces.

    The load threshold is just over 50 cm from the ground. (ho notato che il dato varia da Combi a Panorama, per non elencare tutti i dati, accorperei così) 

    Self-levelling suspension

    To keep you level at all times, irrespective of load weight and arrangement, thus increasing safety and driving comfort.

    Allows you to raise or lower the load platform when the vehicle is parked in order to:

    • facilitate the loading and unloading of goods and luggage
    • improve the ramp angle or pass over an obstacle beneath the vehicle


    Integrated radio system 

    Ergonomic design, sophisticated performance 

    The Ducato is equipped with a 30W 4-speaker system, for a high-fidelity audio experience. 

    With CD and MP3 player, RDS system, TA and PTY functions and steering wheel controls, the system may also be connected 

    • to the Blue&Me hands-free device, and to the SMS Interpreter device, an advanced voice recognition system which automatically reads text messages received by your mobile phone
    • to USB devices connected to the dedicated port in the central storage compartment
    • to an external MP3 player.


    The latest generation infotainment system 

    Fully integrated into the vehicle, the system allows you to 

    • make phone calls hands-free using a Bluetooth phone;
    • listen to music from your MP3 player;
    • activate a series of voice commands, for even safer driving;
    • manage your mobile phone, satellite navigation system, media player and the information supplied by the on-board electronic systems via a practical colour touch screen.

    For more information click here (link to Blue&MeTM site)

    eco:Drive Professional 

    The exclusive software which allows you to manage your vehicle more efficiently

    To ensure you use your Doblò to its full potential and save up to 15% on fuel costs.

    • Eco:Drive analyses your vehicle trip data - average fuel consumption, total distance covered, the impact of the load on the vehicle's efficiency, use of the pedals, etc. - and suggests ways to make your driving style more economical and sustainable.

    The data collected on board can be grouped and processed by means of the eco:Drive Fleet web platform, designed to manage company fleets and improve their efficiency.

    Technical data