Ducato Passenger Transport | Minibus | Fiat Professional

Model overview


    Work and travel with maximum peace of mind

    Airbags and seat belts

    Maximum protection for both driver and passengers
    Available as standard or on request, up to 6 airbags: 
    • driver airbag as standard; 
    • full-size, 120 litre passenger airbag (can be deactivated), which protects both passengers if the cab is configured with a two-seater bench; 
    • side air​bags, which ensure protection for the chest;
    • window bags which ensure head protection.

    All airbags are controlled by a sophisticated electronic control unit that uses sensors installed on the vehicle to decide which and how many protection devices should be activated in the event of an impact.

    All seats are fitted with three-point seatbelts.

    Braking system

    For responsive and progressive braking and reduced stopping distances Gradual braking for total control of your vehicle
    • Consists of two independent hydraulic, power-assisted crossover circuits with 4 disc brakes, self-ventilated at the front. 
    • ABS comes as standard, featuring a control unit with 8 solenoid valves, 4 active sensors and 4 channels with EBD electronic brake force distribution, and MBA (Mechanical Brake Assistance).

    Dusk and rain sensor

    For optimum visibility, always
    Located at the top of the windscreen, 
    • this function checks exterior brightness in order to turn on the headlights automatically (side lights and dipped headlights). 
    • If it rains, it operates the windscreen wipers, managing the windscreen sweep rate based on the amount of water detected.


    The electronic stability control system
    Ensures that your new Ducato has perfect road control, with:

    • LAC - electronic road control - evaluates the vehicle's load and the centre of gravity in order to adjust the action of the ESP;
    • ASR - the traction control function prevents one or both driving wheels from slipping
    • MSR - during downwards gear changes, this system supplies torque to the engine to prevent locking of the drive wheels; 
    • Hill Holder, invaluable for hill starts, extends the braking pressure when the brake pedal is released to prevent the vehicle from slipping backwards, making the manoeuvre much easier.

    The system also includes the HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assistance) device, which helps you when braking in emergency conditions by increasing the braking pressure.

    Available on request.

    Passenger compartment

    Work in complete calm
    The Ducato is one of the safest vehicles in its segment, and has undergone 
    • 20,000 hours of mathematical modelling 
    • 120 crash tests
    • 150 simulations with a HyGe slide 
    • 200 te​sts on components and subsystems.

    The chassis and the controlled collapse body shell have been designed to absorb impact safely and effectively. 

    The result is a rigid passenger structure - the passenger compartment is a non-deformable chamber - complemented by high energy absorbing areas, external to the passenger compartment.

    Rear visibility

    The devices which actively assist you when parking in tight spaces and where visibility is impeded

    Parking sensors

    • The parking sensors beep to indicate the presence and the distance of obstacles behind the vehicle. 
    • They are integrated in the rear bumper and switch on automatically when you select reverse gear. 
    • The intermittent buzzer increases in frequency as you get nearer an obstacle, becoming a continuous beep when you should proceed no further.

    Rear camera 

    • This mini camera positioned on the rear door spoiler transmits an image of the area behind the vehicle to a display in the cab. 
    • The closed-circuit system operates when reverse gear is engaged or by means of a dedicated button. 
    • the camera's visual coverage is 3.5 m in depth and 6 m in width.

    Rear-view mirrors 

    • Equipped with a double parabolic lens, the Ducato's rear view mirrors make every manoeuvre easier. They incorporate side direction indicators and three antennas for Radio, GPS (optional) and GSM (optional). 
    • The mirrors may be equipped with electric adjustment and demister function on request.
    Technical data