Bravo Van

    Model overview

    Range & Load Capacity

    Single Cab

    Single Cab Version

    An urban and off-road work vehicle that’s rewriting the rules of versatility.

    • Overall Length: 5075 mm.

    • Overall Height: 1655 mm.

    • Overall Width: 1785 mm.

    • Seating Capacity: 3.

    • Payload up to 1,100 kg, with reinforced cargo bed.

    • Cargo Compartment length/width: 2,265 mm / 1,470 mm / 475 mm

    • Heavy-Duty suspension.

    Double Cab

    Double Cab Version

    Double the work, double the comfort.

    • Overall Length: 5205 mm.

    • Overall Height: 1775 mm (4WD) and 1655 mm (2WD).

    • Overall Width: 1785 mm.

    • Seating Capacity: 5.

    • Payload up to 1,100 kg, with reinforced cargo bed.

    • Cargo Compartment length/width/height: 1,520 mm / 1,470 mm / 475 mm

    • Touring suspension.


    Capability and capacity

    BEST IN CLASS load capacity and towing

    Ask it for a lot: it will give you all it’s got… and more. FULLBACK IS THE FIAT PROFESSIONAL PICK-UP available in two versions with Single or Double cab and two trim levels: SX and LX.

    Its winning characteristics - robust construction and reliability, makes this truck an unrivalled workhorse thanks to its agile, versatile and unstoppable specifications: a cargo bed of up to 2m long, and over 4 tonnes of total loading capacity: up to 3.1 Tonnes of towing capacity and no less than 1 Tonne of payload.


    The story inside

    Comfort is essential at work too.

    This is why we have made the New Fullback so welcoming.

    Nothing is left to chance: Its spacious and stylish interior is soundproofed, so you won’t be distracted by noise or vibration. With supportive ergonomic seats, optimised driving position, two upholstery options, two dashboard styles and a robust air conditioning system - it’s got all the comforts of a car.

    Performance and Economy

    Optimum performance and maximum driveability

    Wishbone, coil springs and Elliptic leaf springs

    When there’s work to be done. The new Fullback is ready for anything and totally unstoppable.


    The New Fullback Cargo features a wishbone, coil springs and elliptic leaf springs suspension to ensure:

    • Increased driving comfort;

    • Greater stability;

    • Maximum safety whatever your load.


    The new Fullback is one of the first pick-ups in the world with an ALUMINIUM ENGINE, to combine maximum lightness with maximum power. Its towing capacity can reach up to 3.100 KG. The Fullback’s range of reliable engines includes:

    • a 2.5-litre diesel with 81 to 131 kW of power on tap, and a five-speed manual.

    • a 2.4-litre 97 kW petrol with five-speed manual gearbox.

    Off-road performance:

    With exclusive Easy Select 4WD, you can go anywhere, at any speed, in 4-wheel drive. So when the going gets tough, just turn the differential knob and send maximum torque to each wheel. Job done.


    Safety at work is key


    You are covered
    The body has been made with special steel elements, light and highly resistant to tractions, in order to provide a high level of security.


    For maximum road grip and comfort
    The front suspension with double A-arm and stabilizer bar ensure excellent stability both on and off the road. The rigid rear axle with elongated multi-layer leaf springs withstand the maximum strains of the road surface, assuring stability and comfort when loaded or empty.


    Protection from the inside
    In case of an accident, Fullback is equipped with dual airbags that contribute to absorb the impact. In addition to the front ones, Fullback counts on side and window airbags plus one at the level of the driver's knees.


    Holding you in times of need
    In case of front impact, the pre-tensioners will automatically tighten the seatbelts around the driver and the passengers, helping minimizing the potential impact with the airbags.
    Technical data