Scudo Goods Transport | Commercial Vans | Fiat Professional

Model overview


    The most sophisticated devices to ensure your total protection

    Braking system

    For responsive and progressive braking and reduced stopping distances
    • Dual circuit braking system with brake servo and 4 discs, self-ventilated at the front.
    • ABS anti-lock braking system included as standard - with EBD electronic brake force distribution and HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assistance) to help with emergency stops.
    • Also available on request, ESP (electronic stability program) restores directionality and ride stability in the event of a skid.

    Parking sensors

    For easier parking in tight spaces and where visibility is impeded
    • The parking sensors beep to indicate the presence and the distance of obstacles behind the vehicle.
    • They are integrated in the rear bumper and switch on automatically when you select reverse gear.
    • Available on request.

    Dusk and rain sensor

    For optimum visibility, always

    This device, applied to the upper part of the windscreen behind the interior rear-view mirror, is dual function:

    • it checks exterior brightness in order to turn on the headlights automatically (side lights and dipped headlights)
    • if it rains, it operates the windscreen wipers, managing the windscreen sweep rate based on the amount of water detected.
    • Available on request.


    To protect both driver and passengers


    • driver airbag (standard);
    •  full-size, 100 litre passenger airbag (can be deactivated), which protects both passengers if the cab is configured with a two-seater bench
    • side airbags, which ensure protection for the chest
    • adjustable three point front seatbelts, with pretensioner and load limiter and three point rear seatbelts
    • Available on request

    All airbags are controlled by a sophisticated electronic control unit that uses sensors installed on the vehicle to decide which and how many protection devices should be activated in the event of an impact.


    To prevent your goods intruding into the passenger compartment

    Keeps the cab separate from the load compartment. Available:

    • panelled (standard)
    • glazed with fixed glass (on request)

    Deadlock and anti-theft

    Protecting your load

    An alarm system which offers dual protection: exterior – by means of sensors on the doors, bonnet and tailgate – and internal, by means of ultrasound sensors that detect movements in the passenger compartment.
    Locks with deadlock, a device that locks the door handles and the internal lock mechanisms (available on vehicles fitted with an alarm system).
    Available on request.

    Technical data